Our Treatment Philosophy

Mark Lees Skin Care, Inc. began developing products in 1983, after founder, president, and master esthetician Mark Lees, Ph.D. recognized a need for certain products developed for breakout-prone skin that needed hydration but without the many oils and fatty substances that can cause or worsen acne.

It is the company philosophy to use substantiated scientific information to produce products that are free of fragrances, dyes, and comedogenic or irritating ingredients, and are independently dermatologist-tested on human participants for irritancy, reactivity, and allergy potential. The best of science in user-friendly, safe, highly tested products - hence, our slogan,

Science…..made beautiful!

Because Dr. Lees has been in practice for many years, the company understands the specific needs of estheticians and their need for effective, easy-to-use products for themselves and for their clients. We literally have hands-on experience with our products and many successful clinical case studies.

Launched to the esthetics industry in 1988, the Florida-based company now offers 40+ different skin care products including products for acne-prone skin, combination clog-prone skin, mature and sun-damaged skin, sensitive skin, along with professional specialty products for the treatment room, all fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

Product Lines

The Mark Lees Signature Line of products is specifically designed for clog-prone and combination skin. This unique and independently tested line hydrates the skin without clogging the pores.

Other specialty lines include the Concept:Clean® line for acne-prone and problem skin, which is popular with teenagers as well as adults, the Moisture Support System®, a specialized line of products based on state-of-the-art science in treating aging, sun-damaged, and dry skin, while still maintaining our standards in non-comedogenicity and irritancy testing, and  Sensitive Science® products for ultra-sensitive, reactive, and redness-prone skin.

The importance of education

Education of both the esthetician and the consumer is another primary focus of the company.

Dr. Lees is well-known in the skin care profession for his award-winning classes and his popular book for estheticians, Skin Care: Beyond the Basics, the consumer book The Skin Care Answer Book, and his guide to acne treatment Clearing Concepts.